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Both fixed windows and opening ports can be covered by Ship Shades

Ship Shades work well over opening ports

Ship Shades provide natural light while keeping the interior cool

Small button hardware below the port hold the shade snuggly to the house

Our marine quality snaps assure ease of use

Contrasting trim color available to complement your decor

Small elastic loops on the back of the Ship Shade attach to button hardware below the port and hold shade snug

Our customers find Ship Shades delivers protection from sun damage and provide cabin cooling, as well as privacy

Ship Shades feature quick release buckles

Defense against the negative effects of noon-day sun, plus privacy after sunset

We make shades for overhead hatches, and irregular shapes

Ship Shades provide overhead sun protection and help keep cabin interiors cool

Use of Ship Shades with port open

Opening ports are a breeze

Shades lower cabin temperatures and provide overhead sun protection

Ship Shades - The cost effective, tasteful and easy to install solution

Day or night, our easy to maintain shades deliver privacy you want plus the sun protection you need

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